Hummus Bros, Soho

I’ve never thought much about hummus. It’s always been a simple, and humble dip in my eyes. Levantine in origin and chickpea in absolute, it’s often a back-of-house player in any meal. But not so at Hummus Brothers. Here, as well as being the namesake of the store, it’s a full blown for of the dishes. And a good one at that. Along with your hummus you can get a variety of assortments. Mine was chicken and falafel. You also get two pita (too much!) and a touch of salad so it’s up to you how you want to get this down, pocket or bowl-style.


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McDonald’s, Covent Garden

In any new city, one must eventually succumb to the convenience, popularity of consistency that is McDonald’s. I found myself in that position as I sought a fast bite before a showing of Aladdin. Dining in, I shamelessly am all too familiar with the menu ordering system and went for a medium fries, chicken fillet burger and an on-season chicken peri-peri wrap. Under £5 is a helpful way to make London life work, but you can kind of taste the cheapness in the value burger. The patty didn’t quite taste like chicken, and that’s probably all that needs to be said about that.


I liked the fried chicken tender (tasted liked chicken) and salad mix in the wrap, but it’s all a bit spoiled but something that is not Peri-Peri sauce. It’s more like a spicier tomato chutney, which I was not expecting at all. This led to me deconstructing the meal. I do like McDonald’s fries, that hasn’t changed and it’s all the same sort here too.


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BonBons Bakery, Chadstone

Shake your BonBons, shake your BonBons. Since we were already in the mall, I thought it would be pragmatic to grab a few buns on the way home to knock off another bakery chain from Melbourne. I had the custard donut and a ham and cheese sandwich thing. Donut: there wasn’t quite enough filling throughout the bun, any bite sans the creme was’t nearly as satisfying though the crumb is pleasant.


The custard was more of a creme but I was totally fine with that. I did enjoy the ham/ cheesy stylings of the savoury bun, but again the filling wasn’t quite as complete through the bun making for many sides of bland biting. Lots of range at BonBons too. Not a bad effort so would almost return.



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Koko Black, Maribyrnong

This was my first visit to the Koko Black chain of chocolate shops. My friends raved about their products and being of a sweet tooth, it was imperative that I had checked it out too. I veered away from the drinks and chocolates and ordered one of the dessert offerings. This was the Salted Caramel Delice ($10.50). I wasn’t sold on the dish as it was excessively sugary and the hot caramel sauce over the cold mousse didn’t make complete sense to me. The drinks we had were quite good, and their take home offerings are both delicious and expensive. I especially like the salted cashew nut brittle inclusion.


Koko Black has a extensive range of options and outside of the cabinet chocolates there’s baked items, bites, toasted sandwiches, dessert, ice-cream, hot chocolates and other iced drinks. My dessert was described as a caramel chocolate mousse and caramelized white chocolate brulee with a luminous, chewy caramel centre. I did rather enjoy the mousse in isolation, but didn’t feel the caramel added anything other than mild table theatre. The sweetness of the concoction overpowered the other flavours of the dish.


Alvin had the Iced Chocolate ($9) which is the signature hot chocolate poured over chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream.


I took a little sip of the Belgian Hot Chocolate ($7) in the Chilli variety. There’s also classic Belgian, Mocha, Cinnamon, Orange and Hazelnut options. Whilst it appeared to be a syrup contribution, I did enjoy the flavour and the drink was also well presented. Service over our time at Koko Black was excellent, but the item I had on this day was too sweet and looked finesse. The chocolates and barks are good and make for a well received gift on any occasion.


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Hudsons Coffee, Melbourne Airport

I need to embed in my mind to avoid eating/ drinking at airports. Mainly, I’m just too lazy to plan ahead. Prior to my morning flight I sluggishly made my way to the Hudson’s branch in the airport terminal, in need of both caffeine and a good seat. Service was fine for my visit, coffee also fine but my fruit danish was disasterrific. Cabinet food at questionable cafes is always a bit of a gamble, I lost out here with a dry, day old pastry that was hard to eat.


The iced latte was satisfactory and it’s made up somewhat for the sad food item. The crazy irony is that probably is still a preferential option than sitting at the gate, at least you can get a nice view of the runway and some Wi-fi whilst you’re waiting.

5/10 as the coffee was fine

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Krispy Kreme, Melbourne Airport

The themed donuts at Krispy Kreme are so fun and I can’t ever resist grabbing one, even if it’s at the airport. It’s nice to get some seasonal variants and they always are designed so cleverly. Good little donut, love the shape and the white chocolate icing is a delight. Sour straps will probably never do that much for me but it comes together for a nice little package here.


With me today is the donut that’s so simply named as”Snowman”. Shaped accordingly to the title, he’s full of raspberry filling with a white chocolate truffle icing topping. Decorations are your standard strap as a scarf and candy features. Ends up feeling a little mass-produced but enjoyable nonetheless.


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Fish Supply, Dromana, Mornington Peninsula

A no fuss fish stop on our way home after a busy day surfing the trees nearby. Decor reminds me of a very neighbourhood chippery and the locations is tops with the beach nearby. We grabbed a mix of fish, potato fritters (or cakes as they claim here), chiko rolls, corn jacks and five dollars of fries. Everything fried, everything carbs, everything salty.


Hit the spot for the group and we recovered all the calories we exerted from holding on for our dear lives earlier in the afternoon. Everything was crisp without excess grease although we just wish they held back a little on the salt. The seagulls didn’t mind.


Good little finisher for our time on the Mornington Peninsula and as good as anything else on the way back home to the see tee.


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Coolas Ice Creamery, Halls Gap

After a trek around the Venus Baths Loop, we headed over to the busy Coolas Ice Creamery for a sugar fix. The range here is a brand I find hilariously named Nörgen Vaaz but they also sell your standard Streets and prepackaged ice-creams too. Service is efficient and you get a huge dollop for five bucks for two scoops. Coolas is also next to the stream and other eating options making for a mini-escape to let all your woes down the river.


There’s a pretty wide selection of flavours, though none of the more exciting Nörgen Vaaz options from their premium range. There is also gelatos and sorbets, but I decided to go for an ice-cream orientated response. In my waffle cone was the Vienna Coffee and Rainbow. Rainbow tasted like the Paddle Pop version with a mysterious caramel-like flavouring and the coffee was fair, but a bit monotonous after a while. A great little end for our drive back home.


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Ballarat Sushi Plus, Ballarat

Grabbed some quick sushi rolls at this stop whilst hunting around for a fully fledged lunch binge option. Slightly more pricey that what you pay in the big smoke but a decent meat ratio in the hand rolls. I enjoyed the light flavours on the chicken and the roll was well formed, not a terrible lot else to say. No fuss place for a competent, speedy bite.



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Spirit of Punjab, Halls Gap

Our evening in the Grampians National Park ended up turning into a rainy one, so it made the choice of a warm, comforting curry so much more appealing that it was already. Spirit of Punjab is the default ethnic eating option here in the Halls Gap township, and after braving a dash through rain we found ourselves a table here. Food was even better than we were hoping for and service is mostly friendly, but we had a weird exchange when we tried to pay the bill and give coins to get a note back. That little hustle.

We shared a few items in rice, roti and naan. The saffron rice was a touch on the dry side for me but the naan was plump and tasty. The roti wasn’t quite like the roti I was expecting (it was more like a flat naan) but it was a minor. My friends went for the chicken makhani (butter chicken) and the Dakshani Jhinga E.Alam (prawns cooked in a coconut curry sauce). I had the very excellent shahi paneer, which is cottage cheese cooked in a tomato and cashew based sauce. It was a tasty, sweet curry and was rather happy with my choice here.


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