Sweet Hut Dessert House, Sandy Bay, Tasmania

A charming dessert cafe with Asian-ese sweet treats that made for an excellent stop on the less savoury final destination of Wrest Point Casino. After a walk around town we made our way through Sandy Bay and were thrilled to find a place that was still open, and also one that would provide us the mandatory dessert finish to our appetites. The staff and design of the place has such a level of adorableness and we even got to pose for a Instax snap, forever plastered on the wall to remind humanity of our participation.


We didn’t hold back on the ordering much like how I never hold back on the constant eating, with a docket including matcha pudding, a vanilla smoothie and the Hong Kong Aberdeen style waffles. That’s with peanut butter, caster sugar and condensed milk as well as a side scoop of icecream. The waffles were solid with the peanut butter and sweetness making for a Reese cup-type taste sensation that didn’t fall into sweetness overload abyss. It made us happy, unlike losing all our money at the roulette table. Oh yeah, and everything is nicely priced at Sweet Hut Dessert House which is also a boon when thinking about everything else that was lost that evening. Sob.


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Pollen Tea Room, Battery Point, Hobart

My top food moment from my rapidly fading memory of the winter Hobart trip would probably be this adorable little brunch break at the Pollen Tea Room. We had a terribly late sleep-in and took refuge in that we were going to hit one of Hobart’s top rated cafes. It was only a skip away from our Airbnb accommodation too. Being a weekday we had our pick of tables and the staff were friendly and warm, exactly what we came to expect in Hobart.

Baked eggs and sourdough

I went with the baked eggs dish and my dining buddy went with the parsnip pasta. The eggs were great and seasoned with some delightful spices as well as the avocado with the bread itself also being really good. Don’t be fooled by the teensy size of the kitchen, they did some serious meals here. I didn’t get to try enough of the pasta dish but it was an exciting mix and practically the reason I got into spiralizing! The seasoning was great and we really enjoyed the mushrooms and bites of flavour throughout the pasta. It felt clean and light and a good way to start an afternoon of a self-guided walking tour through the harbour.

Parsnip pasta

Pro tip: worth the visit!


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Honey Badger, Hobart

Another little bite from the archives, back when in Hobart land and I needed a sweet treat in the early evening. Honey Badger is right next to Salamanca Place and has great hours for an otherwise sleepy town and it had a youthful buzz about it as well with modern and clean lines in the fittings. A sweet little spot for a rest stop for sure.

All the options seemed pretty good, I went with the green tea waffle combo item. It makes for an impressive looking plate and a good mix of different dessert items accompanying the main waffle. For me, the matcha was a bit unsophisticated and repetitive across the items, it would have been better having more complementary flavours rather than everything being green tea. The waffle was decent enough.



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Machine Laundry Cafe, Battery Point, Hobart

One of the food stops from a week away in Hobart.

Machine Laundry Cafe was in one of the main centres at Salamanca Place and seemed like a popular spot for locals and visitors alike with a busy crowd and plentiful of coffee aromas. Good signs usually.

Service was uneasy with staff remarkably unfriendly for being in a place like Hobart! Also remarkably, the left wing of the cafe serves a laundromat if you want to wash your clothes whilst your clog your arteries. I went for a classic bacon, egg and bread combo and my fellow diner went for the hotcakes.


The menu itself was slightly difficult to navigate and the savoury options were all permutations of getting sides to things. Part of me prefers the items to be decided by the kitchen. Most of me. The cafe itself was bustling so there was some wait to the dishes which wasn’t helped by staff seemingly waiting for you to leave.


The food itself was good enough, faults were the bacon wasn’t as crispy as the table next to us, and the hotcakes looking slightly less appetising from the explosion of sugar and non-appetising crumble of brownie. The bread and egg did it’s thing, wasn’t particularly memorable, did the trick, is what it is.

Pro tip: Its a cute stop for coffee but the uncomfortable service makes me want to take my dining elsewhere in Hobart


Jackman & McRoss Bakeries, Battery Point, Hobart

Our final taste of a Tasmanian brunch was an early morning bite over at the ever popular Jackman & McRoss. Getting a table in this busy venue was like trying to get all the chocolate at the kids’ easter egg hunts. It’s tough but worthwhile. We didn’t rave about the experience as much as some of the other eaters about but it was an all around very good experience. For us, service was uneasy on this busy morning and the dishes aren’t made to order (it’s all out of a cabinet) but the end items were tasty.


To make sure we had plenty of kilojoules we had an order of the steak and pepper pie, a muffin and my dish of the poached eggs, wilted spinach, aioli, caramelised onion on bread. At the time I thought it was on the pricey end, but it isn’t too bad in retrospect. I enjoyed my dish outside of the fact it wasn’t completely warm but it was fast enough as a tradeoff. Still one to recommend when heading this way and would have liked to try a few more items from the pastry cabinet.


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Ristorante Da Angelo, Battery Point, Hobart

I was quite fortunate to have hit Ristorante Da Angelo on our penultimate day in Battery Point, and in Hobart, and in Tasmania. It was one of the food-based highlights of the trip with top-notch pizza and a fab dessert. Ooh, almost best-ever pizza level good. It was a rainy evening that stirring night and I was still hungry so decided to venture into the ocean for a final pick me up treat. I was choosing since I was getting it so screw you Joey it’s Hawaiian this time.


Da Angelo’s Frosolone also comes with bacon, onion and mushrooms above the usual Hawaiian items. Service was incredibly friendly and potentially hilarious so dining in would have probably made for a more complete experience. The pizzas come in four sizes and I went with Sam-level hungry meaning I had bonus leftovers for the next day too. The pizza itself is all round quality effort from the crispy base to the generous toppings and liberal use of cheese. I enjoyed every bite; and so did Joey.


The tiramisu I had for part two of my eating was of a unexpected cake shape and unlike my cousin’s engagement it was a pleasant surprise. This bonus biscotti was fresh, crisp and sweet and the tiramisu itself carried all the correct notes of alcohol and caffeine soaked sponge making for a highly enjoyable end for this meal and the finale of our time in the land of Tasmania. ‘Til next time.


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Magic Curries, Battery Point, Hobart

Oddly our time in Tasmania featured a lot of naan and I blame that squarely on my buddy Joey and his quarter-life curry-based crisis. Towards the end of our trip we were in need of a feed and strolling around the Battery Point area we stumbled upon Magic Curries which was one of the recommendations from the Airbnb hosts. So more naan. We were a little bit thrown off that the restaurant was quiet (that’s an all of Hobart thing, really) but ended pleased with a satisfying, creamy and filling curry amongst other quality option.


The hospitality and venue were warm and toasty as so was the naan, fresh out of the tandoor oven. This was excellent with authenticity and kept my travel partner quiet for some time. The vegetable pakora was an usual format in being flat patties that ended up tasting a bit well, flat but alright. The butter chicken was successful and actually exactly what we needed on this rainy, winter’s evening. Not completely magical but Magic Curry was at least mildly mystical and a good curry fix for another few days.


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Vanny’s Cambodian, Hobart

On our Hobart evening we found it a little difficult finding a place to eat at a late hour in town. We caught Vanny’s just before it was about to close, and the owner was welcoming and warm with a very strong family feeling to the cafe. You can tell there’s a bit of history here.


I had the satay chicken with peanut sauce and salad and my travel buddy went with the lemongrass chicken which was cooked to order. These were pretty good for us and we were definitely happy to have stumbled upon it in our late night eating journey.


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Domino’s, Hobart, Tasmania

My first and only experience of delivery pizza in Australia was at Domino’s during our stay in Hobart. The weather was not on our side and after a good hour of toiling between getting delivered food or not, I succumbed. So on our way was one meatlovers with pesto sauce. The Domino’s app is legitimately handy, it was comforting to know at which minute I can expect to have a slice in my hands. The pizza was fair, a lot of saltiness and greasiness but kinda perfect for the evening. We might have even have had leftovers as we ordered the chicken kickers to hit the minimum spend amount. These were more average. I was happy with our choices this night.



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The Standard, Hobart

After some vigilant racking at the nearby Woolworths, we found outselves over at The Standard for a late night burger stop. This place has a delightful hipster/ classy trashy fit out that strongly reminded us of back home in Melbourne. You head down a random, cold, dark alley and you’ll be balls deep in some exciting burger ranges and not balls deep in the other stuff you sometimes find in unlit alleys.


Chips are a bit standard (pun!), but we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the meat in these burgers. Mine was the basic standard with cheese and whilst the name is basic, the patty here (not quite a patty) is flavoursome and delightfully savoury. Only tip for them is that saltiness needs to be checked out before it wrecks itself. The place has a bit of a local and late night crowd and it has such a funky vibe that makes The Standard well worth checking out if you can find it at all. So hip.


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