The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell, London

It doesn’t look it at first instance but the Modern Pantry lives up its “modern” moniker. It offers an inventive menu with worldly flavours and contrasting influences. However, I didn’t quite enjoy my experience at The Modern Pantry as much as I was expecting. That’s not to say it was an unpleasant one. The very interesting menu didn’t deliver the wow in the food, and the service was rather slow. I booked in for a weekday dinner catchup, and The Modern Panty is in a nice spot in a quieter part of Clerkenwell. The space is light and airy, perfect for brunch (and that’s where they may shine). The evening menu is seasonal and ever-evolving. I had a sort of vegetarian quinoa risotto with silverbeet, vegetables and a fried shell. It sounded fine on paper, but seems a little wacky in retrospect. It’s a fusion that ended up feeling like it had muddied flavours, without any single element being memorable. Service was warm and friendly over our time but there was a delay between starter and main that mildly irked. It’s a nice, relaxed setting at The Modern Pantry but I wouldn’t mind the fusion flavours calming down a bit.



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L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Stoke Newington, London

New to London, new to Stoke Newington and with a lot of pizzaz. Formerly queue-centric, but much more relaxed these days. Still loud. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is the latest extension on the book-famous Neapolitan pie joint. A local favourite for many years in its birthplace of Naples, Pizzeria da Michele keeps the standards in it’s London arm. The two choices are the margarita and the marinara, and with the margarita you can have two levels of cheese. We went for the former. A perfectly imperfect crust base with a rich, tomato topping. A little soft, it folds up well and ain’t too messy at all. We’d recommend the extra mozzarella, you can never do with too much. £7.90 is all the regular one sets you back, a nice eat that tastes of authenticity. Almost Naples.



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Poppies, Brick Lane, London

Legacy and a touch of British culture; our food tour squeezed in both at our stopover at Poppies. The tour company’s pretty thoughtful, my aversion to seafood was easily managed with a substitution to a vege pasty and they take care with any dietary requirements too. Rumour has it that the fish was good so I’ll take the group’s word for it. I enjoyed my half-a-pastie, a nice mix of veges and a buttery, rich crust.


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