Wasabi, Fitzrovia, London

I frequent Wasabi very much. It’s so handy and the food is reasonably priced, tasty, and healthy (sometimes).  There is a distinct lack of other sushi options around. I do miss my usual sushi go-to’s back in Auckland, I’ve yet to encounter a single a-la-carte sushi place here in London. Wasabi has all their ones already boxed in different themed sets. I don’t eat seafood so my options are usually the chicken or vegetarian ones. And on this day I went for the latter, with some extra tamago nigiri. These ones weirdly come individually wrapped; the excessive plastic hurts my eyes. The box is a great sized portion. The food is all satisfactory and you can plenty, with a mix of edamame, rolls, inari and some loaded fillings. It might not be the most revolutionary or the most exciting eating, but you can always rely on something to tick the box at Wasabi.



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Benito’s Hat, Fitzrovia, London

The friendliest Mexican-ish meal I’ve had to date. I say “ish” as Mexican food is a little weird here in London. Brit-Mex feels like there’s a thrilling edge taken off for the local palate. Fitzrovia is a bit of a desert in the weekends, so there wasn’t much of a crowd, and only one woman was running the service. She did an incredible job though, and let us know in advance of the delay. We had some margarita, some nachos, a burrito and a burger. Yeah, a burger. See what I mean? But it was a mean burger. Pulled pork, in fact. The dishes arrive fresh from downstairs and we happily nibbled on the nachos before the others made their way. An impressively loaded bowl of the fried corn, though worth noting the mains also came with even more chips. Great pricing and a loyalty that’s sure to get you coming back for more.


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Banh Mi Bay, Fitzrovia, London

So the box might not look appetising, but this was one of my favourite lunches from my Mealpal subscription. Banh Mi Bay is located in Fitzrovia, so it’s one skip over busy Oxford St to get there from the office. It’s a busy spot for a corporate lunch break as it would appear. There are complimentary prawn crackers in the queue which is a nice (and well utilised) touch. At least, I think, there are complimentary. Eep. My food was the garlic pork and rice plate. A serving of pork marinated in a milda sauce along with a scoop of rice and random lettuce. It all gets a bit mangled in transit, but I was happy with the amount of meat and the seasoning is fantastic. Whilst still being a mild spice, there’s some irresistible savoury notes with a lemongrass-like taste in the mix. Banh Mi Bay went down a treat and I’d be happy to return to devour even more.

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Dim T, Fitzrovia, London

I love the review for this place that simply summarised it as “quality of the dim sum of horrific… but it at least has the decency to be cheap”.  I was more complimentary. I was content with my recent outing, we were out for a leaving lunch for one of the office. Dim T Charlotte Street is in a beautiful, modern setting. The al fresco seating would have been fantastic for the incoming afternoon rays. As a pan-Asian restaurant, nothing on the menu has much authenticity in taste, so you’d be forgiven if you thought these weren’t Asian dishes.


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