Pret A Manger, King’s Cross, London

You can’t blink in London and not see a Pret A Manger. There are more stores in the city than there are carparks, some say. In any case, I’ve developed some affinity for their warm breakfast brioches. They’re all under the £3 mark and come in sausage, bacon and vegetarian varieties. I rotate between the first two like the carnivore that I am. I picked up the sausage brioche most recently whilst killing some before my Eurostar (maybe too much time, but that’s another story). It all tastes the same as any other, service is as efficient like any other. As long as you don’t mind the homogeneity, you’ll get a heart-warming fluffy brioche bun, some (baked) pork sausage and a slice of a weird-egg omelette-like product. I like the size and it doesn’t feel as greasy as the McDs and is enough for a savoury start to your morning. As with all Pret A Mangers, staff are electric quick so it’s not a worry for a time-strapped train transfer. Not the most exciting, but reasonably priced and it’s always there.



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Chozen Noodle, King’s Cross, London

There’s nothing zen about this dish. It actually looked quite nice on the shelf, but I knew I made a mistake once I took my first bite. It’s the meat part which was the most disappointing, it’s a dry cut that doesn’t taste like chicken. The rice also tasted a bit too cold. My brother fared better with his dumpling soup, but this is easily one of my lesser places that I don’t mind forgetting about. Onwards and upwards.


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Plum + Spilt Milk – Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross, London

I visited Plum and Split Milk off the back of this Hot Dinners offer I had. 50% off the weekend brunch menu price was enticing and the food and venue looked upper class to boot. It ended up being a bit snobby in service but the eating for the most part is crowd pleasing. With bargains to be had, I ordered three items being the Irish potato cakes with bacon and egg (£12), duck slaw salad (£11.50) and the plum and split milk dessert. Three friends were along for the savings. We were well looked after with all dishes satisfactory. Of my choices I enjoyed the duck salad the most. The potato cakes were a bit more pedestrian (I’ve had better bacon for cheaper) and the signature dessert was tasty but not stellar. It’s a fantastic space and there’s some fantastic food on offer. With a touch equal attention to the food as their is to the design, and you’ll be onto a winner.


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