Chozen Noodle, King’s Cross, London

There’s nothing zen about this dish. It actually looked quite nice on the shelf, but I knew I made a mistake once I took my first bite. It’s the meat part which was the most disappointing, it’s a dry cut that doesn’t taste like chicken. The rice also tasted a bit too cold. My brother fared better with his dumpling soup, but this is easily one of my lesser places that I don’t mind forgetting about. Onwards and upwards.


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Plum + Spilt Milk – Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross, London

I visited Plum and Split Milk off the back of this Hot Dinners offer I had. 50% off the weekend brunch menu price was enticing and the food and venue looked upper class to boot. It ended up being a bit snobby in service but the eating for the most part is crowd pleasing. With bargains to be had, I ordered three items being the Irish potato cakes with bacon and egg (£12), duck slaw salad (£11.50) and the plum and split milk dessert. Three friends were along for the savings. We were well looked after with all dishes satisfactory. Of my choices I enjoyed the duck salad the most. The potato cakes were a bit more pedestrian (I’ve had better bacon for cheaper) and the signature dessert was tasty but not stellar. It’s a fantastic space and there’s some fantastic food on offer. With a touch equal attention to the food as their is to the design, and you’ll be onto a winner.


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