Bageriet, Covent Garden, London

This year I’ve resolved to cut down on the refined sugars. Then it came to lunchtime and I thought to myself: bageriet. Life is for the living and you’ll be living it up when you encounter London’s finest Swedish bakery. Bread, biscuits, cakes, buns, pretzels and brioche. For such a small store, Bageriet sure pack a lot of variety in. I found the service on my visit cold but the baking is hot. I had one of the Semlors (cardamon bun with fresh cream) and a coconut tart. These were outstanding. The spiced bun is a delight to eat, with the filling inside being pillowy. It’s not a super sweet cream and they give you a lot of cream. It’s quite a big size so possibly better to have had in two servings, but I couldn’t wait that long. The tart is also superb. It tastes of freshness and the crust are filling are perfect. Well worth stopping in for when in the Covent Garden area.



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Mamie’s, Covent Garden, London

When I’ve ordered flambé crepes, I expect some flames dammit. Unfortunately my mid-afternoon experience at Mamie’s was that one ended up in flames. I’m a grand fan of the humble galette/ crepe, and was excited to check out the venue after checking out some pics. Service started off poor, the waitress was actually smoking indoors (is that legal here?) and seemed more interested in chatting up a customer than seating my stomach. I couldn’t tell if she was working there or was just a mildly helpful customer, but her keenness for tips suggested the former. And the menu at Mamie’s is a weird tablet system (its like that don’t want to talk to you). I somehow grabbed someone else’s tablet and that caused issues for the system and meant they had to do more work and that was my fault and ahhh. The banana choc crepe was fine. The waitress made exactly one attempt to ignite before seeing herself off after a failed flicker. So no flames and the alcohol was still in full force on the crepe. A little “crepe” in the end unfortunately.



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L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Covent Garden, London

It’s time to get a little starry-eyed. I’ve done half a year in London now, and it’s a good point to start checking off some Michelin-starred establishments. First on the list was L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Covent Garden. The location was handy for the Harry Potter play and the pre-theatre menu made sure we were there with ample time. Celebrity French chef Joël Robuchon has 13 restaurants at last count, with the London one open since 2006. It doesn’t show its age through, the excitement starts as soon as you take your kitchen-side seats. The menu was prix fixe (£45) for three courses. My brother and I enjoyed some dazzling dishes, all immaculately presented. The courses were plenty, although the eight course degustation was reasonably priced and looked just as successful. If you’d like an upmarket night out with a fine display of cooking wizardry, do check out L’Atelier.



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Flat Iron, Covent Garden, London

The best £10 flat iron steak you can get in London is at, well, Flat Iron. There’s five locations across central London and the shtick is all the same; cheap, quality cuts with no reservations only a great experience. There was a bit of a serious wait to get in, fortunately, there is a TK Maxx nearby where time warps into a black hole. And then you arrive. We both ordered the flat iron steak along with a side of the salad and fries. Fries were fairly good, but the salad was a bit haphazard (not enough happening) and we’d skip it the next time round. The steak itself was excellent. Seasoned with a touch of sea salt, perfectly medium rare and a great price. You can’t get more for less.



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EAT, Covent Garden, London

EAT’s another rather basic eating chain. As basic as the name suggests. I don’t find it quite as tasty as the likes of Pret, who do deliver a consistent level of quality, especially on the salad front of late. I finished up a long half day of training and needed something speedy to eat en route to my client hotdesking. In the spirit of hot (which is what London is right now) I went for the chilled curry salad. A bit of an usual mix, but I had some hopes it could have been a good one. Including a slice of the watermelon and thyme cake it comes under the £8 mark. Not expensive, but overall EAT’s not impressive. The sauce is a bit weird tasting and it ends up being a pedestrian mix of slaw, salad leaves and curried veges. I eat it and feel nothing. The cake had some good (albeit, artificial) flavours but that didn’t taste of complete freshness. I mean, it came in a bag, so I should have anticipated as much. So eh, I could eat the stuff, but I couldn’t love it.


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Wagamama, Covent Garden, London

As I love to mention to anyone I meet, I used to work at a Wagamama’s. It’s such a thing here, and back at home no-one really went near it. And something curious always seems me returning to dine at one. Not sure what it is, but on this occasion we were after a fixed time meal before our showing of Kinky Boots.

The show, not the item of clothing. We found one of the spots on ground level, outside but inside and downstairs is a spacious dining space. Service was lacking on the higher ground, but we weren’t so bothered since I do know my way around the service counter here. I ordered the teriyaki chicken donburi at £9.95. I didn’t care for the kimchi but the chicken has a nice, grill coat. There’s a disproportionate amount of carrots and pea shoots, but the teriyaki flavour in the sauce is nice. It does need more of it. From memory this is possible on request of the server, but she wasn’t around. From memory I should also be able to recall the recipe. But otherwise, another good sized meal at the Waga’s, finishing in perfect time and no dramas.



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