Mazel Tov, Budapest

If there’s gonna be one restaurant I’d recommend for anyone heading to Budapest, it’ll be the one that was recommended to me! My cousin lived a little while in the capital, getting to know the scene, and Mazel Tov was top of her list. And it ended up being top of mine. Stellar Israeli-fusion food, in a signature ruinpub setting, and snappy (the good kind of snappy) service. I feasted on the sous-vide rose duck breast skewers Grill plate for 2900 HUF. All the grill plates at Mazel Tov arrive with matbucha salad, beetroot, parsley tahina and grilled pita with pomegranate seeds. I’m not much of a tomato boy so the matbucha was never going to be a match for me, but everything else was outstanding. A Sam-sized portion, a super sweet beetroot side and tender duck, cooked perfectly. The breast had a great crust, with punchy notes from the pomegranate and the sides. Well balanced and a great fusion dish that breathes some innovation in the familiar pita genre.



And the encore. I finished off with the Jerusalem cheesecake (990 HUF). If there’s one dish I’m glad is so universal in so many cultures (albeit in different forms) is the cheesecake. And this varies with a lower level of sweetness, a texture that’s set, not baked. I’d almost describe it as rubbery but not in a negative way. More like it was custardy and smooth. The topping isn’t quite a frosting, more semi-sweet. So I’m happy with the Jersualem version. It felt much more lighter than it’s American counterparts and that’s down to a lower fat cheese and biscuit crumb used. Once again, I’m thrilled with the execution of the dish and leave Budapest feeling like I’ve had the best of the best. I was lucky to get a last minute table but make sure to book if you don’t want to miss out.



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