Cathy Goedert, Luxembourg City

I like my mornings to start with pastries. And Cathy Goedert does a superb job of them. After a morning of haplessly wandering around Luxembourg City we found ourselves in this chic location. Sanctuary. Cathy Goedert evokes memories of some of the other new wave modern patisseries. The results are as good as the classics. Craig and I shared the French-styled breakfast for one. This has: bacon, eggs, fruit salad, yoghurt, six cakes and a giant bowl for bread and pastries. At €20 it at first glance, feels a bit dear, but then you realise there’s plenty to be shared. Throw in an apricot tart and the (surprise) cakes at the end and you’ll be away laughing.



I would have preferred a larger serve of the bacon and eggs. The portion that you do get is gobsmacking delicious. A cute little crispy rind of bacon, creamy eggs, and it’s perfect to sandwich with on the bread. There’s so much variety. You get a mini pain au chocolate, croissant, cinnamon-raisin swirl and a plethora of bread, including (my favourite) brioche. The yoghurt was a bit more ordinary, that was ordered in, standard stuff. I couldn’t resist getting in an extra slice of the deletable-looking tart. Cathy Goedert has such a range across savoury and sweet and it’s all pretty irresistible.


I was thrown off and surprised with the bonus plate of extra cakes at the end. I wasn’t sure if this was in err or part of the set course meal. Really, it does feel like an outrageous excess of food, if it had been one person. But hey, these are delicious, so I wouldn’t be complaining. What did I like the most? The crispy macaron? The fudgy brownie? The little matcha cake? It’s all sweet.



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