Yum Yum, Pimlico, London

Not quite as yum as they name suggests, but nice and fast. From my last JustEats delivery fail I had a bit of credit to use up, and went for Yum Yum which is of close proximity to the flat. It’s double quick, the food was ordered and delivered in a thirty minute timeframe. Nice. For a little over £15 I had an order of the lemon chicken, egg fried rice and beef flat noodle. You get three well-sized battered breasts for the chicken, but the sauce is a tad more tart that the ones I’m used to. The rice was rather plain, only the occasional traces of egg in rice. Some mixed vegetables or variety would have been nice. You get a lot of food at Yum Yum for the price, and there was enough to go around the flat for sure. Last up with the flat noodle, the flavours were a bit underwhelming and it ending up tasting quite plain. I may have made the wrong choices, but with so menu options its hard to know. Fine for the price and efficiency, but the food wasn’t the best. yumyum.jpg


Yum Yum Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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