New York Cafe, Budapest

Advertised as the world’s most beautiful cafe in the world, it’s hard to disagree after experiencing the opulence of New York cafe yourself. These days, it’s more of a tourist hotspot, with queues of tourists ready to snap up the food and on their cameras. The food and drink is expensive, as you could expect. I had two cakes which were both around the 2,400 HUF mark, that’s about £7 a pop. The food isn’t particularly stellar, the patisserie feels rather haphazard. My first bite was the Sacher cake, this is a Viennese style torte that is usually chocolate heavy. The ones at New York Cafe have a clumsy thick chocolate shell wall and an orange paste that is overwhelming. My second dessert was the vanilla mousse with Hungarian sour cherry Pálinka. There ain’t a lot of Pálinka, it’s mainly decorative. I preferred this of the two, it was light and not dense but again the presentation was poor. There was finger mark on the side of the cake which didn’t speak of care. Anyway, the crowds come for the grandiose decor – it’s amazing, photographable and inspiring. But the same can’t be said for the food.





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