Shipudei Berek, Śródmieście Północne, Warsaw

I end up doing mostly solo dining on my weekend escapades. But I’ve never been quite so overwhelmed, as I did with the sheer volume of food offered at Shipudei Berek. It’s rather well rated here on Zomato Warsaw, so I made it my next port of call for a lunching affair. I thought I’d be responsible and just order a skewer with mezzes for 26zl, and yeah, that was a rather large amount of food. It tastes fantastic too. I had a sample of every plate (that’s all I could fit in) and was impressed with the freshness and quality of ingredients. Tahini, tzatiki, pickles, salads, beetroot- all your favourite gang members are here and in good form. You also get two pitas which is a meal in itself, which you can fill and arrange to your liking. My only qualm was that my chicken arrived way before the sides, and by the time the table was complete, my meat was already cold. Shipudei Berek is seriously fantastic value and one that deserves to be shared, so I’ll be sure to hit it up with a bit more company next time.



Shipudei Berek Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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