Nüetnigenough, Brussels

The fantastically named Nüetnigenough literally translates to “the one that never, never ever enough”. I’d definitely put my hand up as one of those greedy gluttons. But – I did have enough on my most dining experience. This served as our farewell dinner before heading back to London. See, I ordered the veal meatballs, veal not being a protein I order often, and I just couldn’t like the flavour. It’s a case of personal preference as Rob was more than content with his sampling. For me, the veal had a gamey taste, and it wasn’t served piping hot, so I didn’t find myself enjoying the dish at all. The sauce is of a beer-base, and the slight sourness didn’t help either. The frites are fine, the salad was nice and comprehensive. We did finish up with desserts in the Speculoos ice-cream and creme brûlée but I only liked the former. The brûlée was a tiny serving and didn’t have the proper sugar crackle. Coupled with mediocre service, it think there might be better elsewhere. Good beer selection though (not in English).




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