Sally Lunn’s, Bath

The origins of the Sally Lunn bun are shrouded in myth, although the Sally Lunn cafe here in Bath takes ownership of at least, part of that history. It’s a bun that’s not a bun. It’s a part bun, part cake, part bread and overall, a giant loaf of carbs. There’s options both savoury and sweet which is intriguing in itself and shattered my previous Kiwi expectations of what the Sally Lunn is. My choice was the double bacon whilst my brother went for the vegetable soup with quarter Sally Lunn. The bacon is nice and chunky and the bun itself is crazy huge. Without all that frosting it’s only a lightly sweet bun. So good if you remove yourself from the fact it all feels a little tourist trap-py. I wasn’t as impressed with the vegetable soup. It tasted of the canned variety with no texture or seasoning. The cafe is all abuzz with the tourists which keep it busy, but the Lunn might not be as exciting in these modern times.



Sally Lunn's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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