Nando’s, London Bridge

There’s a marked difference in the Brit’s enthusiasm for Nando’s; my gob was positively smacked the first time I saw people (gasp) queueing for Nando’s. For context, in AU/ NZ it sits amongst the flurry of fast food mediocrity, and I only ever went for the chips. But my first cheeky bite here was a positive one, and the minor differences make for a more memorable experience. I went for the chicken pita with two sides (bean salad and peri-peri fries of course) for £11ish. I could have done with more chicken in the pita itself, but of what I had – it was tender and delicious. I went with the Medium basting, but it could have done with more flavour still. Lucky for me the copious amounts and range of sauces are readily available. The bean salad with avocado dressing was fine if no exciting, but the star of the plate is the fries. I dig the Peri-Peri sauce and at this branch they were generous in their shakes. So yeah, I can start to understand the fervour for the stuff.



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