Chopstix, South Kensington, London

Not the best Asian food by a country mile, but in the running to be the fastest. I do take issue with Chopstix Group’s claim of “healthier”. It’s all as fried and greasy as the next Asian place, but on the other hand, it is healthier than eating a stick of butter. Anyway, I needed a quick bite and grabbed the two choices on noodles for £6 or so. It’s pretty cheap. The options are curiously, all chicken breast (or non-meat) and the chunks are so tiny, that most of it ends up being coating. Options of: salt and pepper chicken, caramel chicken, sweet and sour chicken, they definitely have an angle going here. The noodles are the long-life style, so it’s rubbery and not the most enjoyable to eat. There’s no MSG at Chopstix and that’s a good thing, I didn’t end with a dry mouth or salty aftertaste. At Chopstix, you aren’t left hungry, but you might feel an ounce of regretfulness.



Chopstix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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