Pix Pintxos, Soho, London

If it’s look good, then it’s worth a stab. I first came across pintxos back in the madness of Naked for Satan, and it hasn’t appeared at all since then. Pintxos or pinchos are Spanish for “spike” and refer to little bites on sticks. It traditionally forms an appetiser and often accompanied with wine, being bites on bread. Pix offer a pick-three option as part of Mealfix, and I ran down the corner to pick my selections. All the options looked fantastic, and I went with the: searrano ham & quail egg, marinated fig & goat’s cheese and the ham & bechamel croquettes. My favourite was the fried and melty croquette, with oodles of flowing cheese. My own qualm is that you do need quite a few bites to be full and at a normal £2.25-3.25 per bite it doesn’t necessarily come cheap. Perfect for a boozy work afternoon though. It’s like a sushi train but with tapas.


The selections seem to rotate and pictured above is some that were available. I was early on so there was still plenty of everything. I heard the staff mention there was some buffet/ set option which may overcome my only drawback. There’s hot and cold options available, with long sticks being £3.25 and short sticks being £2.25. As you can imagine, I was all on the short sticks.


Close up of the three items I had chosen. There wasn’t any method to how I pix-ed (gettit?) just things I like to eat. Though the serrano ham with the quail egg is the same ham that gets served with the croquette, and the cheese notes from the croquette refer to the goat’s cheese and fig. So maybe some unintended referencing right there.


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