Banh Mi Boys, Fashion District, Toronto

One of the highest rated restaurants in Toronto Zomato, and also one of the most popular ones, judging by the volume of reviews and the crowds inside. And all for under an $8! I was struggling to decide on which of the many Queen West eateries I should venture in for a dinner, and then Banh Mi Boys appeared as if like destiny. My order was for the grilled pork belly one. This is a most modern taken on the humble Vietnamese baguette, with the buns toasted, addition of pickles (whoa!), no pate or butter, and just a very fine helping of meat. The menu at Banh Mi Boys expands to baos, tacos and a few other thematic choices. This was an excellent sandwich, fresh tasting and a clean eat with the mayo complimenting the meat and salad well. I could have done with a bit more pork, so probably would suggest paying the extra for that. Not authentic but a clever twist that’s worthwhile and worth checking in for.



Banh Mi Boys Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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