Re: Tombo Poke Matcha Bar, Soho, London

One of the office is defiantly health conscious (that’s not me, for obvious reasons) so we needed a low fat fix for our shared team lunch. And Tombo was decided upon and this time dining-in, which may or may not have contributed to an incrementally satisfactory outcome. The teriyaki chicken (£7.95) reared its head once again, being a popular choice.

I turned a new leaf, and went for the extremely green vege poke (£7.95) with tofu, matcha miso sauce, avocado, edamame, sesame seeds and nori. The sauce has a lovely zest and it feels like a satisfying, clean eat. Most importantly, the matcha donut (£3.50). This was fantastic. A matcha iced, matcha donut sandwich that had a to-die-for matcha filling. A heavy cake donut, the fat content made it delectable and I would be happy to try some of their (overpriced but now, potentially worthwhile) matcha dessert menu.


The tofu poke bowl. Lots of green from top to bottom. I was a little cautious around the zucchini noodles but I quite like them here. They soaked up the sauce well with the flavours being balanced without ever feeling like a parody of matcha.


The Salmon Avo luxe (£9.90) is more akin to what I believe a Poke bowl should look like and Michalis seemed pleased with his choice. The salmon roe are a visually appealing addition.


And the donut in all its holiness. You can’t see it, but it is sliced in the middle and filled with that amazing filling. It’s a bit more chunkier and clunkier than a bog-standard supermarket donut, but it’s all the more better for it. And it makes up the highlight of Tombo so far [edit: donuts are bought in via Crosstown, hmmm].



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