Swiss Chalet, Dufferin Grove

My week-long Toronto holiday (of eating) kicked off at the Canadian institution that is Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill. There are at least 97 of these stores that I can count, and it has a humble rap for being an old peoples’ dining hall. Still, it has lots of fond memories for my host friend, so it was a perfect platform to start.

We ordered a mix of starters: with stuffed garlic cheese loaf, rotisserie chicken spring rolls, as well as a main of the rotisserie chicken, and multiple plates of fries. There’s some great stuff here, the namesake Chalet sauce has tang, spice and zing. It went well with anything, and even on it’s own. I liked the seasoned fries, although they were curiously short. The chicken quarter was satisfactory and I can understand the comforts of such familiar food. Service was cosy, though the space feels a tad dated, as does some of the menu.


The spring rolls ($6.99) here have rotisserie chicken inside – weird – but are filling and a decent start to things here at Swiss Chalet. Freshly-fried, and like everything else, paired with the Chalet sauce. This is a welcome feature. The signature sauce is a secret here, though Google-fo tells me that it’s a cornucopia mix that includes chicken stock and various spices, powders and herbs.


There’s something invigorating about a cheese-stuffed roll of carbs. The Garlic cheese loaf ($6.49) was a tasty mix as such. I enjoyed the oven-fresh bread that still delivered a pillowy softness with fillings of glorious, glorious cheese.


I went for the quarter chicken meal with white meat. The skin had a fair baste, and the meat cooked well without being too dry. I quite dug the baked potato here, it’s a nice crispy exterior as a good potato should be wearing.


There’s a rustic charm to the skin-on fries here, and that extends to the whole brand as well. short in stature but deep in flavour, we ended up ordering another plate of these guys. Accompanied perfectly with even more Chalet sauce. So far so good for Toronto.


Swiss Chalet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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