Thai Viet Bibigo, Melbourne CBD

Thai Viet Bibigo is a little confusing in that the cuisine it serves, is well, Japanese/ Korean. Maybe there’s an easy explanation but all you need to know is that it is a place worth checking for a cheap lunch. I had a tofu teriyaki stick ($3.50) and a crispy chicken hand roll ($2.30) on my last visit and I’ve previously made the trek from South Melbourne for a sushi lunch fix on occasion too. By the way, chicken in sushi is not a thing here in the UK. Funny that.

The Thai Viet Bibigo sushi has good filling but the rice on the last occasion was a touch dried out. The hot meals are the key recommendations if you can spare a few minutes wait. I normally can’t so lean towards some of the ready choices for something faster and instant. My last visit also saw a stick of the teriyaki tofu stick (non-spicy option here). A nice, practical teriyaki paste here but also felt a bit dry. The broccoli floret adoring the end is whimsical.




Thai Viet Bibigo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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