Beard Papa’s, St Lukes, Auckland

I was passing through the St Lukes shopping mall, and Kristina recommended checking out Beard Papa’s along the way. Originally from Japan and with 180+ stores in Japan and another 180+ stores elsewhere, Beard Papa’s proudly proclaim the world’s best cream puffs. There must be some magic in how this humble treat took over so much of the world. At around about $4 per puff it’s not as cheap as it is simple, but the puffs we had (lol) were whimsical with crispy pastry and custard filling custom piped. The fillings live up to their flavour name and it makes for a light sweet bite, but perhaps no replacement for the donut in my eyes.


There’s a buy five get one free offer which erodes some of the price parity and there is variety in an otherwise narrow product offering. In fact, we stumbled on choosing the best permutation of things. The shells include original, chocolate eclair shell, cookie dough, and paris brest (no idea what that was). Fillings are custardy and also seasonal, with cookies and cream and strawberry being some of the special ones we trialled. After ordering the staff get to work pumping in the custard to your specs, so it’s all freshly composed.


The store feels Japanesey, with cute branding in the products and the very yellow kiosk. It’s located in the foodcourt, making it easy to spot. I’d recommend checking it out the one time, not sure I’d be willing to have it that often based on the prices being  considerable compared to other, more decadent options.


Beard Papa's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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