Yummy Kitchen, Manukau

My parents are big fans of Yummy Kitchen, we’ve been frequenting it as a family for many years and it was one of their selections for my visit back home. We ventured in ordering two quintessential Malaysian dishes and the quality of the food is as good as ever. For the price you get such generous serves and every bite tastes authentic and comforting. My only slight negative is that on this occasion there was a glacial pace (with only two covers). On other occasions (peak lunchtime) it can be hard to get a table so do plan ahead.


Our first dish was my selection and that was for the Hokkien Mee. This is an ideal dish for messing with a white t-shirt as well as getting a flavour-packed stirfry noodley bite. The serving sizes have been maintained over the years which is a comfort and there’s plenty to get you full here including prawns, chicken, vegetables and other delicious, savoury flavours. I love the richness of the sauce here with each chew unlocking the notes of each ingredient.


They no longer make a satay dish (or at least the one I was hoping for) so our second dish was a classic Hainanese chicken. Mum asked for the boney part of the chicken which they delivered, not my first pick but I guess mum’s the word, yeah? It’s entirely true to its origins with the chicken served cold. There was also a lovely (and frankly, gigantic) plate of chicken rice. The chicken and stock was delicious with punches of garlic, ginger and soy with the rice was aromatic and complementary. The restaurant itself is cheap and cheerful in design and it might be a bit out of the way, but the good servings and tasty food keep my family coming back for more.


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