Re: St Ali, South Melbourne

A good cup of coffee and an interesting menu can always be found at St Ali. Georgina, Jenny and I caught up for a start of week brunch-turned-lunch earlier this week. Jenny went for the reliable but deathly boring toast and spreads and I went for the unexpected and wacky in the Avocado Scotch Egg ($22). This was a shelled avocado with slow cooked egg, cornmeal and rosemary crumb, spring peas, blood orange and pickled fennel salad.


The dish arrived nice and quick and was a clever and interesting twist on the classic scotch egg. I have a thing for deep fried avocado and it delivered creaminess and crunch that made my tastebuds happy. The egg was good and made good on the visuals but makes for a slightly odd eat. The fennel salad was a good complement, slightly heavy on the lemon juice in the salad. Another interesting meal down for St Ali, always worth popping in for something out of the box.



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