Mr Kitchen, Melbourne CBD

I swung past Mr Kitchen one afternoon for a quick Chinese bite. On this occasion I opted for the pancake donut and I have been here for the fried breads and the congee. Most of the offering at Mr Kitchen is fair. For me, the congee needs a bit more of a seasoning to come anywhere close to the ones I dig. The breads are alright but toss them in the oven for a bit when home to achieve proper crunchy fried goodness.


This was my first experience with the egg wrapped donut stick, which reminds me of the ones over at Bing Boy. I rate those ones but I wasn’t quite as enthralled with the Mr Kitchen one. The donut was dry and the exterior soft and as a result it didn’t make much of an exciting filling. The crispy option might have been a little better in retrospect. The pancake itself was otherwise seasoned okay with the hoisin, sesame seeds and coriander and it is of course, fun to watch them make from the window. I had more than my share after half and it’s not satisfying to eat anything more than that.


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