Re: Stokers, South Melbourne

Finally made it to review Stokers, a fantastic pancake-cum-burger location that’s so handily located near the office. Over the last two years, myself and a chunk of the office have ventured in for the iconic pancake chips and massive-portioned burgers. Sometimes the service has been a bit on the slow side on busier days, but we always walk out having had a great time. As well as sheer height, the quality of the ingredients is always top notch and whilst it’s not quite the classic potato fry, the deep fried pancake slices make for an entertaining change of pace.


My last visit (for now!) was with a colleague as I was keen for her to check out the menu here as it still remains a bit of an undiscovered gem with the work masses. She had the vegetarian burger and mine was the beef burger. The Mr Big is a meat patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelized onion and garlic parsley mayo. I had the pepper mayo to go with the pancake chips. Huge patty, tasty mayo, crispy pancake fries. Happy. My colleague was also impressed and glad she checked it out, recommendation successful. And I reckon you should check it out too.


Stokers Fine Pancakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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