Gazi, Melbourne

When I got back to work after a week off that was focussed on eating (and catching up with a friend, of course) I often got asked where my favourite meal was – and I’d say Gazi was my highlight: perfect service, extremely efficient and great food. Other than being too heavy on the salt in most of the dishes, the rest of the eating was funky, fun and moreish which shall be described at length here. Our server was friendly and organised, and made sure we could finish our meal in time for our showing at the theatre, in fact we were in and out easily within the hour.


Power-ordering definitely helps with that, and the two of us chose a seemingly random selection across the menu, with all items arriving separately but at conveniently synchronised intervals.  First up was the Fava ($13.50), served with chorizo, pickled shallots and koulouraki bites. Definitely not what I had expected but in a good way – I’ll describe as a bag of little sesame bready bites with a rich fava dip topped with diced chorizo and tasty sweet shallots. Made for an enjoyable dipping party to start the meal and I really dug the sweetness of the fava and shallots with the tidbits of crispy, salty chorizo.


Next up was the Kataifi prawn ($6.50), which I didn’t have. I can’t comment but the smell was so strooooong. That could be a good or a bad thing depending if you like your prawns. This was with mayo and almonds.

The grilled sagnaki ($14.50) came with a top of kumquat glyko. Perfectly grilled, simple and tasty fruity notes to cut through that cheesy taste. We shared one of the duck souvlaki ($14) (surprisingly shareable at that) which had deep fried duck, cucumber, daikon, spring onion, mint, coriander and hoisin mayo. Gazi’s menu deviates from the traditional in many places like this, but in a refreshing and interesting way. The duck was on the salty side but I thought the meat was delicious, tender and flavourful as a whole.


But wait, there’s more. greek pizza ($11.50) with lamb kofta, mint, coriander, onion, almonds, lemon and yoghurt was a great little combo item. Good filler and mint yoghurt lamb combo is a tried and true winner.


Our server (was so good!) ordered us a half serving of our salad option of Lahanosalata ($8) which was cabbage, spring onion, mint, nectarines, kefalograviera, honey and yoghurt dressing. Great finisher item with the cheese making the salad much more exciting with the thoughtful punches from the sweet components. I really enjoyed the meal at Gazi, the venue and service is spectacular and the food is punchy and worthwhile. So many more things to be tried too on the menu too.


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