Re: Moroccan Soup Bar, Fitzroy North

Christina had her first taste of Melbourne on our second outing to the Moroccan Soup Bar up in Fitzroy North. Jenny made the trek and popped along for the first friend-troduction on this fun filled week of conspicuous eating. The wait wasn’t quite on our side with a solid forty minutes before we could get our table, fortunately we were able to down a drink next door at Underwood. Once bums on seats service was quick with our peppermint tea and starter dips with pita in our hands and into our mouthes. No olives for me though. I really like this as an opening dish.

Today’s items included a root vegetable and eggplant stew of some vague description which was tasty. It also reminded me to set my Out of Office on for work, oddly.


The other dishes which name and description I also don’t know was excellent – I really dig the fluffed rice with fried onion here and not just because I’m Asian (but partially).


The night ended with more tea and the token dessert treats. I enjoyed the truffle-like ball but everything else was too sweet or too dry for me. Appreciated them serving us so quickly though. For $23 bucks for the standard serve it’s still good value and a iconic experience.




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