D House Cafe, Melbourne

With such a name, D House doesn’t exactly conjure visions of grandeur dining, but it does a competent job of d-livering a quick and cheap Taiwanese-style bite in the city. It’s in a fantastic location on Swanston St, near Melbourne Central and the QV Centre and naturally comes up against a huge number of other solid eating options.

Of the times I’ve frequented I’ve always leaned towards the $7.80 lunch special menu which has a number of choices with the Taiwanese chicken on rice having my vote in this ceremony. There’s also an extensive array of other dishes which seem entirely share worthy. There’s two floors to the cafe and the service is ridiculously fast as to encourage you to eat and depart as efficiently as you can possibly be.


The size of the meal is ideal for when you’re not looking to eat a horse and the chicken comes on top of a really yum sweet soy dressing. Good tender chunks of meat with crisp factor, and there’s some salad leaves there too if you like.

Pro tip: head upstairs for a better view and avoid having to be elbow-to-elbow with your neighbouring dines.



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