Moo Moo Pho, Melbourne

A shiny new Vietnamese fusion eatery opened in Elizabeth Street earlier in the year and offers a twist on the usual, with burgers and tweaks on traditional items in an attempt for unique identity and a bit of a difference from the stacks of other options. My mate went for a tasty matcha shake and the satay chicken burger with fries. The fries were fine, the burger itself was pretty good overall but the meat-on-sticks simply does not work in a burger. The meat’s fine but awful to eat and only a tiny amount once the sticks are removed. It kinda felt like Kerplunk. The green apple is the salad was interesting but not sure again that it worked particuarly well.


I didn’t have any desire to attempt a pho burger or another fusion monstrosity so I kept things pretty simple with my honey pepper beef with rice. This was a pretty good stir fry execution and the animal was of good quality. Not the most volume but I had enough to keep me satiated. Moo Moo Pho’s an alright eatery but not too convinced the quirk if there for better food rather than a selling point.


Moo Moo Pho Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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