Milkjamm, Collingwood

One of the most inviting shopfronts for the Smith Street scene is probably Milkjamm, which has a great premises as well as delightful smells emanating from the bakery at all hours. They appear to be a wholesale as we’ve seen pastries coming out at all hours. I don’t care much for the coffee I’ve had at Milkjamm, but the food and patisserie items are particularly good. They also have a cake shelf lined with very enticing options.

This donut has a hat

I went for the vanilla slice donut at my last visit and this was delightful fun. The top was a crispy, sweet puff pastry and the donut itself was vanilla with a tasty custard and vanilla icing. I could have done with a bit more custard myself, but the donut was fluffy and satisfying. I’ll probably try pop in to Milkjamm a couple more times to sample some more of the other baked delights, there was more than a few things that jumped out at me.


Milkjamm Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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