Royal Stacks, Brunswick

I’m told that Royal Stacks is Melbourne’s answer to Shake Shack. However as I don’t live in America and don’t know who or what a Shake Shack is that means nothing to me. Earlier this year Royal Stacks opened a few doors with promises of fast food-like burgers and frozen custards that was excessively and grossly plastered all over the Melbourne lifestyle blogs. A bit deterring to say the least. However, I’ve ventured a few times now and had a good sample of the menu options and think it’s pretty okay. The staff are super accomodating and I’ve had some awesome experiences dining here.

royal stacks.jpg

On this visit at the Brunswick branch, I opted for Royal Stacks’ very simple Single stack burger which came along with patty, cheese, lettuce, burger sauce and (held) pickles. It’s a small, flat little thing but the meat and special sauce are great. It’s basically a good version of McD’s. Of the other burger options I’d recommend the Miss Elizabeth with its truffle mayo and the King has a nice size effect with the fried mac and cheese croquette. The menu remains a bit too narrow and the fries and gems are all a bit too basic. The frozen custards are a twist for dessert, but didn’t taste terribly different. It’s what you get if someone added custard powder to ice cream? It’s not offensive by any means, and worth trying the once.


Royal Stacks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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