Naked For Satan, Fitzroy

It’s terribly fun to show people new to the city the wonders of Naked for Satan, a place that’s stood the test of time and has lively quirks across it’s design, bathroom and menu. We’re here for the cocktails and the pinxtos. Pinxtos being their canapé-equivalent bites that go for the wallet-relieving sum of $1 Sunday to Thursday and $2 the rest of the time or something like that. I enjoy the honesty system (and not because I’ve ever taken advantage of) where you keep the toothpicks to pay for after which keeps things moving along nicely. If you’re browsing the menu endlessly and not taking anything, then it’s a good idea to get out of my way.


The drinks here are very good and the pinxtos are interesting enough but no socks will be blown off. About half of the selections come on a slice of bread and the range includes items like prosciutto, omelette, eggplant, prawn, dessert cannoli and chocolate truffles. It gets replaced pretty quick and it’s ideal for a starter-type fix to go with your consumption of their flavoured vodkas. I highly recommend ordering the fancy cocktails as there’s a bit of entertainment to be had in watching. Naked for Satan as well as its upstairs counterpart Naked in the Sky, continue to be worth showing around to for one of the best rooftop views of the city and is ideal for a pop in drink and bite.


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